Book Donations & Book Sales

We want your gently used books!!

The Friends of the Roxbury Library accept donations of gently used books & DVDs year round. 

PLEASE only bring items that you or your neighbors would presumably purchase at a used bookstore…Books that haven’t seen the light of day in 20 years are not good candidates and will only be recycled due to the extremely limited shelf space. Books that are moldy will be tossed out on sight. 

Book Donation Criteria

  • Hardcover, Paperbacks, DVDs are all good.
  • NO magazines. That includes bound magazines. Yes even Reader’s Digest. 
  • NO mold (you’d think this was obvious and you’d be wrong about that)
  • NOTHING that smells weird
  • If you have to stop and think about it, we probably don’t want it. 

2024 Major Book Sales

But wait...there's more!

Welcome to the Novel Boutique!
Gently used books at unbeatable prices available year round!

* or as marked.

Coming soon...Coffee!

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